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Website design in Leominster, Herefordshire and beyond

Our company has been developing websites for years, over 20 years in fact.

We offer a full range of web services including web design, domain name registration and website hosting.
We also offer a Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) service which can help your website achieve top search engine rankings.

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Leominster Website Design | Search Engine Optimisation | Website Hosting | Domain Name Registration

Website design for Herefordshire businesses

We have been building websites since the late 1990s and would welcome the opportunity to speak to businesses in Leominster (and the wider Herefordshire area such as Hereford, Ledbury and Ross-on-Wye) about your website requirements.

Our background in software design and programming means we create extremely optimised websites that are quick to load, look great and are search engine friendly.

Our mobile friendly responsive web design also means our websites respond to the devices they are being viewed on (whether that be a smartphone, tablet or laptop) and change their layout so that they are optimised for the screen size.

We build all of our websites from scratch, this means you get a bespoke solution to your exact requirements. You get what you want, not what we give to you.
Tools such as Wordpress, Joomla and Drupal - sometimes known as Content Management Systems (CMS) - have their place, but we feel they are no match for creating a website using standards compliant HTML and CSS.
Because Content Management Systems must be all things to all men (and women!) they often produce websites and source code which isn't as optimised and efficient as the websites we create by hand.

So whether you are based in Leominster or the wider Herefordshire area, when you think of web design in Leominster then think of us,

Leominster Website Design.

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Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimisation, or SEO, is the name given to the process of making a website search engine friendly with the aim of getting as high a search engine ranking as possible.

Search engines like Google and Bing take hundreds, if not thousands, of factors into account when deciding which results are displayed for a certain search and the order that these results are presented to the user.

As no-one (including us) outside of the search engine providers knows exactly what all these factors are, we have to use our experience and knowledge honed over years of building optimised websites to make sure that the sites we build have the best chance of earning a top search engine rank.

When we build a website we build it with search engine optimisation in the forefront of our minds. Not only do our websites have to look great to people, they have to look great to the search engines so that they gain great search engine rankings. A great looking website on page 3 of Google won't be visited, a great looking website on page one of Google will!

Buy our search engine optimisation service doesn't stop when we deliver your website. We'll work with you to make sure your website continues to perform well in the search engine results for the words and phrases which are important to your business.

If you already have a website but it's not ranked as highly in the search engines as you would like then please get in touch so we can talk through your options.

Let Leominster Website Design take your search engine optimisation to the next level.

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Website Hosting

Anyone with a website has to have it "hosted" on the Internet. If you are a Leominster business, or a business anywhere in the UK for that matter, we'll look after the hosting of your website leaving you to do what you do best, run your business!

We run multiple webservers in multiple locations around the UK running industry leading webserver software. If that doesn't mean a thing to you then don't worry - we'll take care of it for you. Our web servers have a good record of "uptime", so you can be assured that your website is in safe hands.

If you are a Leominster business and already have a website but you are looking for a new web hosting company then please get in touch. We can talk you through our server options if you're that way inclined, or you can just leave it to us to choose the server options which suit the needs of your website.

Our website hosting service starts at just £10 + VAT per month.

Leominster Website Design - For all your website hosting needs.

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Domain Name Registration

Don't underestimate the importance of the domain name you choose for your website. We can register any of the leading domain name extensions such as .co.uk, .com, .net etc.

You may find that your ideal domain name has already been registered. We can work with you to find an alternative, or even broker a deal to purchase your ideal domain name for the current owner.

We register domain names for businesses in Leominster and all over the UK and our domain name regiatration fees start at £25 + VAT.

Let us manage your domain name.

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Want to find out more about how we can help your business to make the most of the Internet?

We'd love to talk to you about how we can help you and your business to make the most of your website and social media.

We'll talk to you in terms you understand. If you're technically minded we'll talk geek to you for as long as you can stand it, but if you want to hear things in simple terms that you understand then we can do that too.

As well as designing websites, building websites and supporting websites we also own and run hundreds of our own websites. We have experience in all aspects of web businesses in many business areas.

If you're looking to outsource your social media campaigns or search engine marketing then we can offer you great value monthly packages starting at £50 + VAT per month.

But if you'd prefer to run your own Twitter and Facebook accounts then we can visit your premises and teach you all you need to know about social media and give you the tools to start Tweeting and posting to Facebook.

Drop us an email - info@leominsterwebsitedesign.co.uk

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Do Leominster Website Design only design websites for businesses in Leominster and the surrounding Herefordshire area?

We design websites for businesses all over the country, not just Herefordshire. For example, for website design in Gloucestershire, try Cirencester Website Design.

We design and host websites for businesses all over the UK and provide a range of computer services to compliment our Internet services.

So whether you are a Landlord in Leominster, a Heating Engineer in Hereford, a Locksmith in Ledbury, a Real Estate Agent in Ross, a Kitchen Installler in Kington, a Window Cleaner in Worcester or a Glass Blower in Gloucester - please talk to us about your website and computer needs.


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